Monday, August 31, 2009

Talk about luck

well things are

looking up the kind famer started combining today, so thats one less worry now if the weather would change to a few degees we could start putting our plan into place i've had all i can take of MR Heat for one summer see ya ,my opinion only,i may get a smack from the boss if she reads this post .we'll work on getting our trail in Stay Tuned..............................

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Visiter in the Morning

Here we go, today the dog box will be modified to fit on the back of our Trailer,all our equiment will be taken out of storage and cleaned ,repaired as needed and so on ,there have been mornings where old man winter dropped by briefly as if to say start thinking about running dogs, now if the farmer would kindly get his crop off my trail,it would be apprecitated, I have heard my neighbor training because of the rucus of 50+ dogs egar to hit the trail, much to my dismay ,his training differs from ours slightly due to the fact he is training two teams one for the Iditarod and the other for wyoming stage stop,the handlers are ready to go ,dogs are primed here we go ,as of 7 pm tonight the dog box has been striped down as touch ups are needed,we'll work on those in the next couple weeks,I paid a good price for it and found out the thing is not square,!@#$%^ thing but managed to getter close ,well we have our work cut out for us as Ang and Alexis will be racing this year ,the 2010 Arctic winter games are comming to GP ,and she was asked to enter so she'll have to start training along with the rest of us,Stick around more to come........................