Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can"t you See Can"t you seeee

Combining work and pleasure our mushing trails just happen to be on the same route as work so we decided to check out the area where we had to turn back last month due to water in the middle of this picture, good news is from the point were we stopped ,the trail on the other side of the deep beaver dam is just awesome clear sailing to the smokey river north end of this picture, from this point to my house is about 45 miles that gives me about a 90 mile run 1 way and ,the picture of the smokey river is where we will head south along this cutline looks promising...........I thank my pilot Andri for helping me scout this section................................................

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just In time

Well started redoing this dogbox on aug 30 we are now 99%complete It was stripped down to bare wood the sanding i had to do thought I would never see the end but it came, then I removed all the locks hinges anything metal buffed it all and applied rust paint and primed the wood surfaces and put two coats of high end paint then i applied waterproff chaulking on all the corners and sealed it with metal trim looks so good I want to just sit back and admire it The smokey River team will be styl'in in 09/10 going down the road.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Are you kidding

Well how a month makes a turn for the better the dogs are doing great the best i have seen out of them .tonight it snowed pretty good,the the dogs could dip for snow ,we have now completed over a 100 miles + if the weather continues it should be a great month.the fall colors are spectacular .Well as you can see the dog box is nearing completion it has been stripped down and re sheeted ,painted ,chalked it is now 100% water proof i gotta pick up a couple more things then it will be ready for doggies ,These spuds are from our garden Glad my wifes a greenthumb I could'nt grow weeds I admit They looks pretty Tasty ,and they were nice Stay tuned.........................