Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just In time

Well started redoing this dogbox on aug 30 we are now 99%complete It was stripped down to bare wood the sanding i had to do thought I would never see the end but it came, then I removed all the locks hinges anything metal buffed it all and applied rust paint and primed the wood surfaces and put two coats of high end paint then i applied waterproff chaulking on all the corners and sealed it with metal trim looks so good I want to just sit back and admire it The smokey River team will be styl'in in 09/10 going down the road.


yukonmusher said...

Snow? we dont even have snow yet! We moved back to the Yukon from Grande prarie just 2 years ago now! we had 14 dogs on 103 ave, lol
be interesting to follow your blog!

irvin wai said...

Nice to hear from you ,I would trade GP for the yukon anyday,we live in Bezanson ,you more than likely know where that is, I have an Iditarod Musher and a wyoming stag stop racer as my nieghbors so I have good company should be a great winter ,keep in touch,