Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dog Patch

well spring is here today it was a balmy 20+ degrees in April way to warm for me ,warmest winter mushing for me from -5 in Sask when it is more than likely -30 any other time, ,climate change gotta wonder,

I feel our season went OK ,entered two races finished one ,my Nemesis race,towards the end of the season I said to my family that's it we'll sell the dogs keep a couple for fun and do some traveling to all the hot spots California here we come ,I can't stand the heat now how will I coup in L.A in July might not leave the room,I fined my mind wondering to this coming winter ,Again

sold some of my best dogs to a good friend I know they will have a good home as he has some from my first time around ,well I'll tell you a secret I went and made a deal to lease some ,and now I fined myself making deals to buy some more ,got some splain'nin to do Thank god she understands me, cause I don't,Oh well I'll feel a little sheepish as i said I was done for a couple of years when I show up at the start line ,all will be forgotten once I pull the snow hook Sorry Hon. When I decided to quit smoking I went cold turkey ,did not need any help but now I'm sitting and thinking I wonder if they Make a dog Patch