Sunday, September 27, 2009

Leader of the PACK

These are 2 of the teams main leaders Waylon the black dog is Partly Blind but that does not seem to bother him as he is always ready to go and is the first to stand at the ready, when I come a calling,he is also the the boss of the Team as he takes no guff from anyone in the Kennel, nor do they test him ,a quick growel and they bow to him. but he is not agressive ,always gets along with the team, loves a good ear scratching .And always leads by example has great work ethlic waylon is one happy dog. He can turn on a dime when i got him, it only took about 3 weeks for him to learn the commands of Gee& Haw.If not for his disability he would be a super sled dog.He has finished every race he has entered,
With Me your in the drivers Seat
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