Sunday, November 8, 2009

Down with that

Well it sure has been one of my worst weeks of my life and counting what i thought was just the flu bug turns out to be H1N1 and its a nasty bug ,with bouts of Constance coughing followed by a horrendous head ace because of the coughing is just the beginning of this imported disease followed by every other symptom possible ,needless to say my partners out in the kennel are wondering if i have deserted them. As i am unable to even leave the house and they want to run what was starting out to be a great training season, sure changed in a hurry ,that being said from what I read and hear some victims of this nasty virus did not get a chance to write a post so I thank my Lucky stars ,I believe I owe a million heartfelt thank to my wonderful wife and daughter who have catered to my every whimper ,I do appreciate them so much more,and need them,I would encourage everyone that can get the shot to do so ,the suffering is not worth it,How i feel today is the dogs can wait, my race season can end and I'd be happy with that ,once better we will regroup and start over although its only been a week I believe all will work out in the end ,I say to all Take a shot, SO you don't come down with that........................

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