Friday, November 5, 2010

Pick your dance any dance

Well its been awhile since spring hit and I fell off the map,Now that training is in full swing ,I'm back and will update my goings on and doings,I only have 10 dogs this year been awhile since i have been that low on dogs ,but the 10 I have I feel are the best I have owned ,9 boys and one girl,she gets ALL the attention the boys are all sweet on her ,Dixie is a 7yr old leader however there have been times in training when she frustrates the hell out of me on these time I take her out of Lead and she becomes a team dog ,never a slack Line with her but it seems that once we are back at home ,she feels that its all Waylons fault ,and she will sit there and chirp at him ,and let him know she does not like to be upstaged ,And like a good, lead partner he sits there and takes a verbal beating just nodding his head I feel for ya big guy..And then there these three new misfits took awhile to coheres their owner that he would be better off without them ,they are fun to be around, make you feel good Kinda dogs ,watch the Dancing brothers do there thing.

Gentleman secure your Booties and hang on introducing ,Tango, Two step,& Hip hip,
OK pick your Dance any Dance

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Leaps and Bounds Kennel said...'re back. Nice to see you on here and what beautiful pictures of your Dancing Boys..Hee Hee =)