Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long Haul

Well we have now passed the 400 KLM mark and counting the team is looking great and I'm feeling Great after the H1N1 scrap,also the 4 dog sprint Team looks real good on the trail they seem to have some good run in them, (sprinters mean that these dogs will run 4 miles in the fastest time possible ,My wife says i can have my distance team and sleep in the cold in -30 and so on because she says she will be in a warm bed by 9 everyone raced, Fed, and ready for a goods night rest,Ya rub it in ,It was cool enough today that i could have used my cold weather boots and winter gloves ,but back to the sprinters the 4 dogs we have are from some quality sprint Dog bloodlines I'M looking forward to watching my wife run ,in this picture the two females seem to be squaring off as the distance girl says I'm in for the Long Haul

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