Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pocket of water

2010 is sure looking great so far the dogs continue to shine, we are startng to get a rhythm ,and I'm like'in what i'm see'in, took the tean out on Sunday for our firsts continueos long run, we climbed hills and valleys up and down rivers it was cold enough to make your lungs scream for your next breath ,OK not that severere but it was chilly winter day ,at about the three hours mark I was trying to find a place to stop and take a quick break someplace where i could hook down secure ,because had a thermos of hot tea and home made cookies waiting to be enjoyed ,but as we where running up the smokey river everything was just going great ,I was on cloud 9 i did'nt feel like stopping and the dogs running smooth ,all of a sudden I look up and my leaders hit water ,I'm looking for a quick way out, a back up plan ,next thing I know I'm in up to my elbows in water ,quickly I roll over and upright my sled, look to see that the dogs are ok and still on the trail ,at this point I'm in a panic I scream the command to the team to go ,they don't like standing in water so off we go still wondering if the ice is solid, hoping.My main Leader is Blind and just goes by voice command maybe sometimes thats a good thing ,as we where out away from shore Waylon turned on a dime when i gave he command to Haw Haw ,back thru the ice ,the team must of felt my fear because we flew thru the wet stuff ,Thank our lucky stars,just goes to show that mother nature is an awesome places to play ,but she gets the last laugh because when we hit land

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Leaps and Bounds Kennel said...

That is why I never liked running on that river. Glad you're OK